About Ormond

Welcome to Ormond.

Ormond College was founded in 1881 and has grown to become the largest college at the University of Melbourne and one of the largest university residential colleges in Australia, with 427 resident students. The College accepts students from the University of Melbourne and its affiliates, the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Business School and the Australian National Academy of Music.

The College’s purpose is to create a new generation of leaders through an unrivalled learning and living experience. In meeting this purpose, the College aims to create global citizens who will make a disproportionate difference in the world. Our alumni have a rich history of this kind of citizenship in many walks of life, including medicine, law, science, politics, academia and the arts.

To meet this purpose, Ormond College aspires to be the leader in residential collegiate learning in Australia, through:

  • academic excellence
  • diversity in student population and experience
  • active student involvement and leadership
  • an appreciation of the worth of each individual
  • strong ethical values
  • a progressive and globally-oriented approach