Financial Assistance

To support the College’s value of diversity, we are committed to ensuring that, as far as possible, financial need is not an obstacle to membership of the College.

Thanks to former students and other benefactors, Ormond’s endowment funds enable us to offer generous assistance to students who, for reasons of financial need, would not otherwise be able to enter or remain in College. Students who would like to come to Ormond, but think they cannot afford the fees, should discuss their options with us.

Graduate students are eligible for most scholarships and bursaries offered at Ormond. The majority of scholarships are applied for through a single application. In addition, we have many scholarships that are only available to graduate students. Major, study-area specific scholarships are available in the fields of medicine, law, mathematics and engineering. Students outside of these study areas are eligible for many general scholarships.

You must apply for residence to be eligible to receive financial assistance.

Students Who Plan to Defer

While you can defer a residential offer from Ormond, you cannot defer a financial assistance offer.
So if you definitely plan to defer do not apply.

Deadline for Financial Assistance Applications

Please note the following deadlines for submission of Financial Assistance Applications:

Financial assistance applications for Semester 1, 2018 must be received by 30 November 2017 (application will be available online from 1 August)

Financial assistance applications for Semester 2, 2017 are now closed.

Late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and are at the discretion of the Master.

Supporting Documentation

Applications will not be able to be accepted without all supporting documentation.
Required supporting documentation is:

  • signed declaration
  • proof of Centrelink payments (if applicable)
  • Tax Return statements or group certificates of parents

All applications, and supporting documents, are to be sent to


All financial assistance applications are treated in the strictest confidence by the College. We understand that many financial assistance applications contain sensitive information relating to people’s personal and financial situations. The information you provide will only be used on a need-to-know basis by relevant senior staff. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information. Please note that we are unable to consider any application for financial assistance unless all the information is supplied.

What financial assistance is available?

Bursaries are financial assistance grants made solely on the basis of financial need. Scholarships and prizes are awarded on the basis of academic excellence or outstanding ability, and most also have a needs test. Some scholarships are offered to students from specific backgrounds (i.e. rural, Indigenous) while some others are for students studying in particular faculties. Financial assistance options include scholarships and bursaries to a total value of around $750,000. We also offer tutoring opportunities and limited administrative employment opportunities for graduates (returning only).

Do I qualify?

The intention of the vast majority of our donors is to support students who would not otherwise have the means to attend Ormond. For this reason, financial assistance is means tested, and is offered on the condition that other means of financial support have been explored and exhausted – for example, the help of parents and relatives, Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY, vacation work, part-time work and university student loans.

Further Information

To learn more about the Scholarships and Bursaries available at Ormond, please read the Financial Assistance FAQ.

Download the Graduate Financial Assistance Application Form →