In addition to resident undergraduate and graduate students, Ormond offers a college-based program for non-resident undergraduate and graduate students.

Non-residents have the opportunity to become a member of the College community, enjoy a campus experience, benefit from personal learning in small tutorials, use College facilities and resources, and participate in a wide range of social and cultural activities.

Ormond’s non-resident program includes:

  • for undergraduate students new to Ormond, a five day residential experience before the start of first semester to enable students to become part of the diverse and vibrant Ormond community and to gain an understanding of College and University life
  • the same academic program that is offered to resident students, including small-group tutorials, breadth programs, Self & Society programs and academic visitor seminars
  • access to the College as a daytime 'home' on campus, including a locker for storing belongings
  • a study and work base including access to the Academic Centre

The program also includes opportunities to:

  • attend and participate in the College’s academic, breadth and other learning programs including lectures, seminars, visiting academic speakers and faculty based discussions
  • dine and socialise with other members of the College in Ormond’s historic Dining Hall five times a week (please note: additional meals will be charged at $8 per meal)
  • participate in the College’s co-curricular activities including drama, art, and music
  • attend some College social activities including ‘smokos’ (parties), the Ormond Ball, movie marathons, Battle of the Bands, trivia nights, etc.
  • use the College’s social spaces, Academic Centre, gymnasium, and sporting facilities


The annual fee for the non-resident program in 2017 is $2,950.

New non-resident students will also pay additional orientation fees.

How to apply

Use the links below.

Admissions closing dates are:

Applications for Semester 2, 2017 are now open and will close on Friday 26 May.

For further information please contact the Admissions Office on (03) 9344 1107.

Download the Undergraduate Application for Non-Residency→

Download the Graduate Application for Non-Residency