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Semester 2, 2023 applications for financial assistance are now open. Please note applications will close on Wednesday 31 May.


Ormond welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences

Accessibility has been at the heart of the College since its inception, and we remain committed to attracting talented students from diverse backgrounds, regardless of financial need. Our financial assistance program supports students who face economic barriers when it comes to attending or remaining at Ormond College, providing them with opportunities they otherwise would not have had.


We can help make your College experience possible

Eligible students can receive scholarships ranging from $5,000 –  full annual fee for the duration of their university degree. The amount of financial assistance offered is based on the individual financial needs of every student and applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

If you feel like finances may be a barrier to you attending College, get in touch to discuss how we can help you join the Ormond community. Currently about one third of Ormond students receive financial assistance, with the College committed to providing access for students from backgrounds which face obstacles to high education.


Up to $1.3 million in financial assistance is available to eligible students each year.

Funds are allocated after careful consideration of your financial needs and specific selection criteria for our scholarships. We assess applications on a case-by-case basis, to ensure we are doing everything we can to provide opportunities for young people from all walks of life to be part of the Ormond community.

Scholarship funds come from the generous support of our alumni and supporters.  Our donors want to make sure students benefit from all of the opportunities available at Ormond and hope that financial barriers can be reduced through their support.

Recipients of financial assistance are invited to meet those donors who have generously supported them at the College’s annual Founders and Benefactors dinner.


Families with an income below $250,000 are eligible to apply. If you are financially independent from your family, there is no eligibility criteria to apply.

The amount of financial assistance offered is based on the individual financial needs of every student and on the condition that other means of financial support have been explored and exhausted.

Financial Assistance is not available to Study Abroad/Exchange or non-resident students.

Find out what financial assistance means to our students

Application process

Applications for Semester 2, 2023 are now open.

Any student who believes they will require financial assistance to come to Ormond should apply via the application form below.

Students make one application for financial assistance and the College then determines which scholarship, or combination of scholarships, you could be eligible for. You do not apply for a specific scholarship. 

We make all financial assistance offers to future students in conjunction with the offer of residency so it is a good idea to submit your Financial Assistance application at the same time, or shortly after, you submit your application for residency.

Don’t let finances stop you applying. See our FAQs to learn more, and get in touch to discuss your options.

This community has given me so much and the support of financial assistance drives me to contribute in every facet of Ormond life” . – Cameron Cormack-Thompson, Biomedicine

The closing date for Semester 2, 2023 Financial Assistance applications is Wednesday 31 May.


Financial Assistance Application - Semester 2, 2023

Scholarships and selection criteria

We have a range of scholarships available for students who have a financial need and:

  • are all-round achievers and/or make positive contributions to community
  • have family incomes which may present barriers for them or are financially independent from their families
  • choose particular fields of study such as medicine, law, maths or engineering
  • grew up in rural or regional Australia
  • identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • attended a government secondary school
  • demonstrate academic excellence and/or outstanding ability

Below are just some examples of scholarships we have available.

Students from rural areas

  • Stewart Family Scholarship – up to $15,000 for students from rural or regional Victoria, preferably the Wimmera, with academic potential.
  • Neville & Di Bertalli Scholarship – up to $20,000 for students from rural or regional Australia.
  • Richard & Verna Gutch Scholarship – up to $17,000 for students from rural or regional schools.
  • Alex Lyne Educational Trust Scholarship – up to $20,000 for students from rural or regional schools.
  • Pompey Elliot Rural Scholarship – up to $7,000 for students from rural schools.
  • Fairley Foundation Financial Assistance Program – up to $11,000 for students from the greater Shepparton area.

Students who attended Government Schools

  • Hugh Collins Scholarship – up to $17,000 for students attending government schools with academic potential.

Students from Tasmania

  • Gray Family Scholarship – up to $10,000 awarded to a student who has resided in Tasmania for 5 years or more of their secondary education. Preference is given to a student from a government school, or Scotch Oakburn in Launceston studying Commerce. Students studying at other independent schools will be considered.

Students in particular fields of study

  • Peter Callow Memorial Scholarship Fund – up to $20,000 for students studying a medical related degree, including Biomedicine.
  • Cairns Scholarship – up to $25,000 for graduate medical students.
  • Dew Scholarship in Medicine – up to $18,000 for graduate medical students.
  • JD Scholarship – up to $13,000 for graduate JD students.
  • Kip Allard Scholarship fund – up to $6,000 awarded as an entrance scholarship to a student preferably studying Commerce/Engineering who is committed to being involved in college life.
  • Warwick Bisley Scholarship – up to $25,000 for a first or second-year Graduate student studying Engineering.

General Scholarships

  • Sir Ian McLennan Scholarship – up to $26,000 for students with a demonstrated high financial need.
  • Bill and Joan Paterson Scholarship – up to $9,000 for students with academic excellence and a demonstrated high financial need.
  • Swinburne Scholarship – up to $10,000 for students with a demonstrated high financial need.
  • John Leaper Scholarship – up to $8,500 for a student who is the first in their family to come to Ormond.

Coming from a small country town, living at Ormond remained a dream. The financial assistance I’m receiving means much more than the numerical value – it has given me opportunities which were unimaginable until I came here, and has broadened my horizons in the truest sense“. – Ivana Skok, Arts

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